Download white paper: Prepare for the Data Tsunami with  a Purpose-Built IIoT Solution

In the IIoT age, industrial companies have the capability to track and manage real-time aspects of their business and assets, from processes and equipment to predicting when a critical component will fail. When fully leveraged, the IIoT can provide users with significantly more intelligent control over their assets. This intelligence will undoubtedly lead to new, unanticipated growth opportunities, efficiencies and rapid innovation.

The largest and most present challenge for corporations wishing to capitalize on the IIoT is determining how to harness the data and correlate it with external data sources to truly create actionable insights, all within milliseconds. This is no small feat. Further compounding the complexities of the IIoT is much of the data comes from completely disparate systems and sources (device/sensor level, enterprise-level, even external sources) all at different times, resolutions, formats, velocities and using completely different communication protocols and methods.

The only way for an industrial organization to come around the curve and efficiently capitalize on the exponentially growing data in industrial environments is through a solution that is purpose-built for the Industrial Internet. Download the white paper and watch the video featuring Zack Wickes, VP, Engineering, at Bit Stew, to learn how industrial organizations can prepare to take full advantage of the IIoT.

Watch Zack's Video:

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ZackAbout the Author: Zack Wickes brings deep domain expertise in leading technology teams, and has held senior technology roles at Playerize Inc., PNI Digital, and Yummy Interactive Inc. He garnered a strong reputation in advanced software design, M2M, Artificial Intelligence and development as well as entrepreneurship and innovation. In his previous roles, Zack demonstrated a track record for producing scalable and complex software, and he was integral in guiding the technical vision for PNI Digital as their Vice-President, Technology. He was responsible for the management of the 100+ development and enterprise architecture teams to execute the robust technical strategy and implementation. In his role at Bit Stew, Zack brings his expertise in go-to-market strategy and AI to accelerate the growth of Bit Stew’s MIxTM product portfolio. He leads the product development team to enhance the platform and further align the product development and engineering teams.