download-whitepaper-machine-intellgence.pngThe heaviest lift for an industrial enterprise is data integration, the Achilles’ Heel of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This is blocking progress on the transformations and ROI that companies originally envisioned. Developments have been stymied by challenges in handling the complexity, diversity, volume, and velocity of data as well as in the disparity of data characteristics such as quality, completeness and timeliness.

Companies are now recognizing the heavy-lift involved in supporting Big Data strategies that can handle the data that is generated by information systems, operational systems and the extensive networks of old and new sensors. To compound these issues, business leaders are expecting data to be captured, analyzed and used in a near real-time to optimize business processes, drive efficiency and improve profitability. However, integrating this vast amount of dissimilar data into a unified data strategy can be overwhelming for even the largest organizations.

Download this white paper to learn why a big data solution will not get the job done. Learn how to leverage machine intelligence with a purpose-built IIoT platform to solve the data integration problem.

Mike-Varney.jpgAbout the Author: Mike Varney spent over 20 years in the US Navy, where his experience included commanding the most advanced nuclear-powered submarines in complex operations around the globe, leading a special operations team in reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, and directing a Naval Operations Centre. He has also served as a Strategic Advisor for the US Department of Defense, a Senior Evaluation Officer at nuclear power plants, and an advisor to companies providing smart grid technologies to the energy industry. Mike holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Nuclear and Marine Engineering as well as Master of Science degrees in Engineering Management and National Security Strategy. Today, Mike is the Executive Director, Product Management & Strategic Initiatives, where he leads the strategy for Bit Stew Systems MIx Core platform, MIx Developer Network and Bit Stew University.