download-thought-leader-catalog.pngIn today’s world everyone requires data, more specifically data intelligence, to successfully do their job. Whether they are a technician out in the field, a plant manager or a business analyst data has become a vital resource. IT teams have always been the gatekeepers of data and analytics for the organization. During the silver age of on premise software like SAP, Oracle, and others, they were tasked with delivering enterprise-level applications to transform business processes and the way teams worked. Now with the explosion of data resulting from connected devices, demand for software-as-a-service solutions, cloud computing, and more IT is again tasked with managing change.

Industrial IoT application development is a daunting task. The barrier to entry remains high for IIoT projects due to the complexity of data, security and management. Industry specific development can leave your valuable resources spending countless hours creating data models from scratch or coding protocols to ingest new data streams.

Download this white paper to learn how you can significantly reduce development time for building IIoT solutions by leveraging existing plugins available in the MIx Catalog.

blogger-chris.pngAbout the Author: Chris manages the MIx product portfolio including the MIx Catalog and MIx Core platform. He is an expert in industrial communication and control, and previously led a variety of laboratory and pilot projects working for a major energy company. He is an IEEE member of the Communications and the Power and Energy societies.