Building Better Business Outcomes with Analytics

If we examine the root cause of an IT organization’s pain, it continues to be the inability to integrate data from many disparate and operationally focused systems. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Providing insights to many parts of the organization – including operations – is the role of the next generation analytics platform which will inevitably lead to IT transformation. Solving the data integration problem first, and with the correct platform, allows IT to arm its internal customers with self-service analytics and insights. This positions IT as a strategic player for building better business outcomes for the organization. It also allows organizations to experiment, fail, iterate, and succeed at their own pace, and according to their respective metrics. Solving the data problem alleviates the IT burden of providing analytics to everyone.

Overcoming the Data Integration Challenge
Solving the data integration challenge is the foundation of an effective analytics strategy and platform. This is especially true if the goal is to de-centralize analytics from the IT organization closer to the operational end users. The integration platform must be versatile in ingesting any data type from any data source of any quality level. Bringing in data as it comes in real-time, and at scale, while integrating even the most complex data sources to gain operational efficiency is the goal.

The ability to integrate data at the edge – as close to the raw data as possible – will be a competitive advantage for industrial IT organizations to offer to their internal customers hoping to gain faster insights. Using the same data integration platform to integrate data in the data center and at the edge allows IT organizations

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1fb4cc1.jpgAbout the Author: Andrew Miller is an outcome focused sales engineer with over five years in network consulting, and a decade in in the information technology industry. Andrew brings experience in international project and program management and technical team leadership and management. At Bit Stew, Andrew drives eastern US and European direct technical sales support activities for the company. Andrew also drives technical activity within the partner ecosystem development team and is responsible for partner recruitment, onboarding, and sales support.