Bit Stew to host webinar with North American Oil & Gas Pipelines

The Oil and Gas pipeline industry is facing increasing pressure to lower costs, reduce risk, and improve situational awareness. Real-time data integration and analysis are increasingly recognized as the first steps toward risk reduction, optimized asset performance and improved operational processes. However, the challenge of data integration can be overwhelming. Every 30,000 miles of gas pipeline generates 17 terabytes of data each day; eliciting actionable insights from that data can be time-consuming and costly.

Join experts from Bit Stew as we showcase how our MIx Core™ platform solves the data integration challenge across complex IT and OT environments to support today’s pipeline operations. Learn how you can transform your operations by injecting advanced analytics, access key strategies to properly utilize data analysis to mitigate risk, and maintain the integrity of the pipeline

What You’ll Learn

  • How to solve the data integration challenge across multiple data types such as time series, event, asset, and geospatial
  • Increase efficiency by creating and working with advanced data analysis templates to address specific use-cases and organizational needs
  • How to identify alarms relevant to your operations and new methods of issue resolution
  • Strategies focused on proactive versus reactive measures to handle real-time threats


About the Speaker:

Kenneth Smith
kensmithAs Executive Director, Oil and Gas, Kenneth is responsible for managing the Bit Stew team focused on the Oil and Gas Vertical. Kenneth is laser focused on developing new functionality and applications to meet the needs of oil and gas companies, with over 15 years’ experience in software sales and most recently working directly in the Oil and Gas sector, he understands the needs of Oil and Gas customers better than most. He comes to Bit Stew with a track record of developing reciprocal, rewarding relationships with his customers and the delivery of high-value propositioned products and solutions. As our resident Oil and Gas expert, Kenneth brings experience managing relationships with over 100 on-shore US customers, including Supermajors, Exploration and Production Companies, and Pipeline Operators.

Andrew Miller

At Bit Stew, Andrew drives eastern US and European technical sales activities for the company. Prior to Bit Stew, Andrew spent almost ten years with Cisco. He is an outcome focused sales engineer with over five years in network consulting, and a decade in in the information technology industry. Andrew brings experience in international project and program management and technical team leadership and management. Andrew was previously a project manager in the team for many of the Itron and Cisco AMI deployments (including BC Hydro, Duke Energy and FirstEnergy) and other utility WAN and substation design engagements (including Ausgrid, Hydro Quebec, Southern California Edison and SCANA), as well as within Technical Services and Manufacturing. Andrew holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.