IIoT Plugins - the Reusable Building Blocks to a Complete IIoT Solution


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For industrial environments, relying on third party developers to make changes to custom builds of specific functionality leads to delay in mission-critical asset triage, incident reporting, and more. IIoT Plugins are the building blocks to an IIoT solution. They are, as the name suggests, simply able to plugin to the MIx Core platform to provide a specific piece of modular functionality. Plugins should be first and foremost useful which requires them to be reusable, cohesive, and configurable. The power of plugins solves the latency problem faced by many industrial companies that are unable to quickly develop the functionality they desire using traditional IT methods.

  • Reusable: The primary goal of a plugin is to create a finite and contained piece of functionality that can be easily used and adds value across varying IIoT environments.
  • Cohesive: The plugin should do one thing but it does it well and comprehensively. The plugin should not duplicate functionality of another plugin.
  • Configurable: The value of plugins lie in their reuse and they can’t be reused if they are not configurable to different environments. Configurability requires options for implementation, application settings, business rules, and a registry for endpoints.