This video addresses the common issues utilities experience throughout the lifecycle of a smart grid roll out and beyond, including:

Deployment – How to manage multiple asset types, vendors, varying SLAs, complex provisioning and commissioning processes and troubleshooting deployment issues such as non-communicating devices.

Reconciliation – Easily and accurately verifying data from numerous sources (vendors, internal teams, IT/OT systems and more), and ensuring proper processes are in place.

Operations – Troubleshooting AMI network issues, from non-communicating devices to missed interval reads and events/alarms. Addressing operational issues through a multitude of system interfaces using a “manager of manager’s view” fully or partially automated issue response workflows, and providing operators with context-aware views that enable improved decision making.

Utilities are facing increasingly complicated data integration and analysis challenges, as they are actively involved in smart grid roll outs or pilot programs. Many are struggling to integrate massive volumes of AMI data generated by millions of smart meters, with SCADA data and other OT and IT data sources throughout their connected networks.