Did you know that Gartner estimates that 80% of Big Data and Analytics project costs are associated with data integration and that 50% of these projects fail? We’ve noticed this among our customers that vary in their industry vertical, size, data stores, IT skill sets, and business needs. A common challenge they all face is trying to make sense of the volume and velocity of data coming from disparate data sources and systems.

Integration is still a largely manual process and one such example affirms Gartner estimates. A large Oil & Gas company allocated a $3 million budget for their enterprise data analytics project of which 80% went to integration and the project never went into production due to integration roadblocks.

Watch this video to learn how to extract value from industrial data with Your data intelligence platform, and how Bit Stew’s MIx Core automates the integration problem to provide IT teams a self-service data intelligence solution that solves the integration roadblock that’s been plaguing the IIoT for years.