The Industrial IoT is set to produce massive volumes and variety of data at record velocity. Big Data has been hailed as the solution for such enormous growth in data but the driving force behind any intelligent solution is data science. For a vast majority of industrial enterprises that intelligent solution solves the data integration challenge and at Bit Stew Systems it’s the MIx Core platform. The platform leverages Machine Intelligence to automate automation. Instead of a programmer creating rules for each data input, like rules in Outlook, you feed the Machine Learning algorithm data and it determines the rules by itself. The machine can automatically detect new devices, model, map and ingest data from any source, and provide a semantic understanding of messy, often soloed, industrial data sets.

In part 1 of this white paper series we uncovered why machine intelligence is key to solving the data integration challenge for the IIoT. In this, part 2 of the series, we’ll dive deeper into what exactly differentiates machine intelligence from machine learning and why data science is key to solving challenges associated with Industrial Data.