LinkedIn-Banner-slide.pngWhy do data analytics projects fail?
Analytics are only 20% of the effort. The other 80% of data analytics projects time and cost are associated with data integration. How do you spend less time integrating and more time discovering insights? Find out why traditional ETL and Business Intelligence tools just don't make the mark when it comes to extracting actionable insights from Industrial Data and the IoT.

Learn about Bit Stew's unique approach to data integration leveraging machine intelligence, semantic modeling, and a pluggable architecture for algorithms to speed up the process of data wrangling and deliver data insights for better business outcomes.

With deep experience in complicated Industrial data sets and IT systems, Bit Stew is uniquely placed as the bridge to connect IT and OT data in the IIoT. Bit Stew has developed and maintains a highly sophisticated semantic model that has been extended by our customers and partners across various industries such as oil & gas, aviation and energy.

Download the SlideShare to learn the steps required to intelligently automate data integration with machine intelligence.