Purpose-Built Data Architecture for the Industrial Internet

The Hadoop Data Lake architecture and other data warehousing models have been touted as a solution to Big Data challenges. However, companies in industrial sectors have found that these approaches simply cannot handle the scale and complexity of industrial data. Additionally, they do not provide the real-time analysis and situational awareness that operators and engineers need in order to make critical operational decisions in the moment.

By leveraging the Bit Stew MIx Core platform and MIx Director applications with their Hadoop architecture, industrial organizations can more quickly integrate extremely large volumes of operational data from a variety of disparate sources, correlate that data into a common data model, and apply predictive analytics and machine learning at the edge to derive actionable intelligence in real-time.

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About the Author: Alex Clark, Chief Software Architect at Bit Stew Systems
Alex’s 15-year career has made him a seasoned data architect and leading expert in web service technologies, global class computing, and building high-performance, secure, scalable and distributed architectures. He is responsible for developing the initial software that has evolved into MIx Director and is an expert in real-time systems and data integration.