MIx Developer Network (MDN) is a collaborative environment that provides Bit Stew's customers and partners access to the tools, technologies and support they need to extend the MIx Core™ platform by building their own custom applications. 

The MDN offers resources, tools, training, certification and ongoing community engagement to enable developers to create new capabilities – from insightful visualizations of complex data to entirely new applications with logic and workflow. 

Prepare for the Data Tsunami with a Purpose-Built IIoT Solution

download Prepare for the Data Tsunami with a Purpose-Built IIoT Solution

In the IIoT age, industrial companies need to have the capability to track and manage real-time aspects of the business and assets, from processes and equipment to predicting when a critical component will fail. The intelligent understanding of this raw data can provide actionable, valuable insights and promises to revolutionize and disrupt the way we do business today... Read more to lean how you can leverage this intellience with a Purpose-built IIoT Solution.

About the Author:  Zack Wickes, VP Engineering, Bit Stew Systems. Zack garnered a strong reputation in advanced software design, M2M, Artificial Intelligence and development as well as entrepreneurship and innovation.

Codifying Industrial Knowledge through the MDN

MV_SeaStories_Thumb.jpgThe velocity of the industrial internet is shaping the way organizations respond to the endless and quite often unique use case challenges. The outdated practice of using IT vendors to develop expensive applications over long build cycles are being replaced by a need to rapidly create turn-key applications in days to weeks, not months to years. This agile requirement requires a set of tools, training, models and community engagement to codify industrial knowledge and turn them into rapidly executable applications to extract immediate business value. Bit Stew’s MDN enables customers and partners to rapidly design intuitive, efficient and cost-effective applications that easily integrate with existing technologies to deliver real business value...Learn more about the MDN.

About the Author: Mike Varney, Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives & Product Management, Bit Stew Systems. He spent over 20 years in the US Navy, where his experience included commanding the most advanced nuclear-powered submarines in complex operations around the globe.


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