Software Defined Operations will enable industrial companies to address the four keys aspects of their business:

- Safety
- Regulatory compliance
- Asset performance
- Operational efficiency

An operationally mature business is one that is not just thinking about today’s operations, but is proactively positioned to be able to adapt and predict potential impacts on production, reliability and performance.

Download this white paper to learn:

- What is Software Defined Operations?
- How to use Software Defined Operations to help your business?
- How to reach operational matuirty?

About the Author: As chief technology officer for Bit Stew Systems, Kai Hui works to keep Bit Stew’s world-leading MIx Director™ platform at the forefront of smart grid technology standards and real-time network operations. His experience as director of technology for the smart metering and infrastructure program at BC Hydro, British Columbia’s largest electric utility, informs his current role as a technology vendor.