Happy New Year and I hope your 2017 is off to a great start.

Bit Stew’s Commercial Center of Excellence (COE) team has been established to enable Bit Stew, from GE Digital to:

  • Integrate with our GE counterparts quickly by finding synergies across functional areas;
  • Execute on established quarterly sales goals and targets, and
  • Scale rapidly to contribute to the significant growth in revenue for GE Digital.

Q4 2016 Results  
The team ended Q4 strongly by bringing in $1.138 million in bookings with Delta, Anadarko, DB Cargo, and Louisville Power as our noted wins. Great work to the entire team.

Q1 2017 Objectives
Here are the COE's key objectives for this quarter:

  • Achieve Q1 Bookings Target
    • $1.5 million plus
    • Add five new logos
    • Contribute and focus on the EVP Program
    • Create working relationships with GE's Aviation, Power, Energy Connections, and Oil & Gas verticals
  • Execute Integration Activities with GED across Functional Areas
    • Implement Role Mappings by February
    • Integrate and transition to Salesforce.com by March 31
  • Align with MIx Core/Predix Product Strategy
    • MIx/Predix Integration by Q4 2017
  • Drive to Customer Delight - (References)
    • SoCal Gas, PG&E Gas Ops, Portland General, PPL, Consumers, AusNet, SSE, BC Hydro
  • Drive to a Successful Launch
    • Aclara – Jan. 20 
    • Anadarko - February (Phase 1)
    • Delta – March 31 Completion 
  • Transition Brand
    • Bit Stew to GE Digital - March 31
  • Transition Partners 
    • Bit Stew to GE Digital - March 31

Meet the Commercial COE Team
Reporting to me are the following Commercial COE leads and their respective teams:

  • Jeff Lo, North American Sales lead, is responsible for the COE’s commercial growth in the North American region. Jeff and his team are focused on executing on quarterly sales targets in North America while ensuring synergy and alignment with the broader GE Digital Sales team.
  • Michele Morgan, European Commercial Sales lead, is responsible for the COE’s Commercial growth in Europe. Michele and her team’s key priority is landing and expanding the business in Europe, in partnership with local GE Digital expertise in market. 
  • Brian Sorensen, Sales Engineering lead, is responsible for driving the technical aspects of the pre-sales function for the COE. Brian and his team are focused on delivering high-impact demos, and managing pilots to help the sales team close deals.
  • Karen Dosanjh, Marketing & Communications lead, is responsible for the integration, alignment and execution of the COE marketing strategy. Karen and her team will lead the integration communications strategy, execute on the brand transition plan, integrate sales and marketing automation tools, transition partners to GE Digital, and help drive sales enablement efforts to support the pre-sales function.
  • Bill Reny, Customer Success & Operations lead, is responsible for customer engineering, support, engagement and delivery. Bill and his team will ensure customers are successful in the adoption and ongoing use of Bit Stew’s technology and products.

>> View the Commercial COE Org Chart to view all the members of the team. 
>> Watch the Commercial COE Kick-Off Presentations by functional area.

Please join me in congratulating the Bit Stew Center of Excellence leads and their teams. These appointments are recognition for their steadfast leadership and significant contributions to Bit Stew’s success and for their ability to drive strong results quickly for the outcome-oriented GE Commercial team.

Jett Winter
Bit Stew, From GE Digital, Commercial COE Lead