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The key to solving the data integration challenge is semantics. Data is complex, especially for the Industrial IoT where relation types are typically unknown. This makes it challenging to get value out of your data without understanding the relationships of data across disparate databases, devices and control systems.

Semantic modeling is an automated process within MIx Core that uses machine intelligence to learn, explore and model data across the enterprise. The process includes  automated data mapping to the model, and extending the model with new learned entities and elements.  The semantic model within MIx Core can be trained using pre-existing models or it can be developed completely from scratch.

With experience in understanding industrial enterprise data, Bit Stew has developed and maintains a highly-sophisticated semantic model that covers operational control systems, sensors, business information data, environmental data, geospatial data and all the relations and associations.  The semantic model can be used and extended by our customers using both supervised and unsupervised learning methods.

Download this infographic to get a deeper understanding of the steps required to create a semantic model.