The physical world itself is becoming an information system. Sensors in physical objects from smartphones to manufacturing equipment to traffic cameras are being networked. The vast streaming data they generate is changing the way businesses think about information and how to use it. The potential is tremendous.

"The Internet of Things will be the biggest point of leverage for IT in the next 10 years, with $14 trillion in profits from that one concept alone."
- John Chambers, CEO, Cisco

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 About the Authors: David Sussman (MBA, PMP) and Tony Mauro (P. Eng) are the principals at Sussman and Mauro, a marketing strategy firm specializing in industry analysis, strategy development, and communication in the high-tech sector. The Sussman and Mauro team have extensive experience, extending from the energy sector to telecommunications, cloud services, and related industries. Together, Mr. Sussman and Mr. Mauro bring over 30 years of experience to bear on business problems. In their employment and contracting careers, they have served a wide array of companies including TELUS, BC Hydro, BCTC, Nexon, Creo, Kodak, Corix, and several others. Their approach includes technical, strategic, and marketing perspectives, enabling them to bring a very unique value proposition to their clients and partners.