The Industrial IoT is positioned to transform the way Industrial organizations do business, from core processes to revenue models, making embarking on an Industrial IoT strategy no small feat. 

To help you understand how to scale an Industrial IoT project we will be hosting weekly demos to tackle the common challenges at every stage of Industrial IoT maturity.

In Part 1 Automate: Intelligence Data Integration we demonstrated the MIx Core's machine intelligence & semantic modeling capabilities - fill out the form to view the demo recording. 

You will learn:

  • A complete workflow for automating data integration with real industrial data
  • How we apply machine intelligence throughout the workflow to intelligently integrate data
  • An in depth look into how MIx Core intelligently maps data from target to source without the need for custom built adapters

In an IDG Quick Pulse Survey of CIOs and Senior IT executives, we found that over 70% of respondents are not prepared for the challenges associated with an Industrial IoT project. Register for Part 2 Operationalize: Apply Analytics & Visualize Data

, Senior Technical Manager, Business Development, at Bit Stew Systems. Brian has spent almost two decades helping large global enterprises solving challenges around implementing software solutions to meet and exceed business requirements. 

, Product Marketing Manager, at Bit Stew SystemsSandy specializes in B2B, SaaS, IoT and is particularly passionate about Machine Intelligence & AI in the software space. With past experience launching mobile products, she understands the technical challenges associated with new disruptive technologies in traditional industry verticals.