In the fourth and final part Accelerate: Reusable Building Blocks we demonstrated how you can accelerate time to value for your Industrial IoT projects by leveraging resusable plugins from the MIx Catalog. In this last demo you will hear from Kai Hui the Chief Architect of IIoT Solutions at our partner organization OSI Consulting and the application he built for a utilities customer using plugins from the MIx Catalog. Fill out the form to view the demo recording. 

In this demo, you’ll learn about:

  • How the MIx Catalog provides a seamless interface to download and test reusable functionality to build your Industrial IoT applications
  • A real Industrial IoT application built using plugins and out-of-the box functionality of the MIx Core by our partners OSI Consulting 
  • The benefits of adopting an agile and iterative approach to Industrial IoT application development


blogger-kai.pngKai Hui, Chief Architect IIoT Practice at OSI Consulting. Kai Provides advisory, services and solutions to solve the integration and analytics challenges for the Industrial Internet to improve business outcomes. Kai holds both a Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Systems – Data Communications, and a Diploma of Technology in Chemical Sciences from BCIT. 


Chris Bowman, Senior Product Manager, MIx Technology for Bit Stew Systems. Chris manages the MIx product portfolio including the MIx Catalog and MIx Core platform. He is an expert in industrial communication and control, and previously led a variety of laboratory and pilot projects working for a major energy company. He is an IEEE member of the Communications and the Power and Energy societies. 

, Product Marketing Manager at Bit Stew Systems
Sandy specializes in B2B, SaaS, IoT and is particularly passionate about Machine Intelligence & AI in the software space. With past experience launching mobile products, she understands the technical challenges associated with new disruptive technologies in traditional industry verticals.