In Part 2 Operationalize: Apply Analytics & Visualize Data we demonstrated the MIx Core's ability to enable powerful self-service analytics for business, IT, and OT users - fill out the form to view the demo recording. 

In this demo, you’ll learn:

  • How to visualize and analyze your industrial data in dashboards
  • Automate analytics through MIx Core’s powerful Business Assertions & Rules logic
  • How you can put data intelligence into the hands of your IT, OT, and business users by enabling self-service agile analytics

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blog-rui.jpgRui Calheiros, Senior Sales Engineer at Bit Stew Systems. Rui is a
B2B (Technical) Sales professional with comprehensive strategic planning, implementation and solution presentation experience.With over 8 years leading the technical evaluation, design, and deployment of enterprise software for Industrial IoT and Command & Control customers

, Product Marketing Manager, at Bit Stew SystemsSandy specializes in B2B, SaaS, IoT and is particularly passionate about Machine Intelligence & AI in the software space. With past experience launching mobile products, she understands the technical challenges associated with new disruptive technologies in traditional industry verticals.