MIx Core is the premier data integration platform for the industrial IoT (IIoT). MIx Core intelligently automates data ingestion from all operational and enterprise systems. By leveraging machine learning, MIx Core integrates data from disparate sources to create context, learn patterns, detect anomalies, and store new intelligence into its knowledge repository.

As a purpose-built IIoT data management solution, MIx Core offers data visualization, data cleansing, correlation and aggregation, and enterprise analytics. Unlike big data analytics tools or dashboard solutions,  MIx Core enables operational intelligence by offering real-time operational analytics and edge analytics, and predicting asset failure and associated customer impact.

Data integration is the Achilles’ heel for industrial organizations. 80% of data analytics project costs are associated with data integration and 50% of data analytics projects fail before delivering value to the end users. MIx Core removes the hidden cost of data integration and dramatically improves time to value.  Through machine intelligence, MIx Core simplifies the complexity of industrial operations in the IIoT space by solving the data integration problem and delivering operational intelligence faster.

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