Ours is an era of unstructured information. The data we seek to manage, analyze and interpret value from is available to us on a scale previously unfathomable – creating both opportunities and challenges for CIOs in every industry.

As a career CIO, Michele Morgan has more than 30 years of experience spanning a broad cross-section of industries, from oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing and health care to the high-tech and utility sectors.

In this article, she shares a series of challenges she faced as a CIO in various industries and provides insights on the technology tools that helped her successfully address the challenges faced by the enterprises she served.

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 About Michele Morgan: A former director of the CIO Association of Canada and current member of CIONET Spain, Michele Morgan has over 30 years experience in leading information technology functions and large, complex programs across multiple industries worldwide. She is currently leading business development in Europe for Bit Stew Systems, the creator of the market-leading platform for software-defined operations for the Industrial Internet.