Download this case study to learn about how BC Hydro partnered with Bit Stew to help design a data architecture that brings together data from nearly 2 million smart meters, and more than 30 different operational and IT systems, including homegrown and legacy systems, and what to expect during and after a massive smart grid roll out.

The Challenge:
Integrating Data from 2 Million Smart Meters and 30 Network Systems

“Grid operators cannot possibly manage this volume of data without help from the proper tools and technology, we needed a way to aggregate and intelligently display all of the data so operations  teams could easily identify issues and make remediations.”
- David De Yagher, Senior Manager, Field Device Operations at BC Hydro.

BC Hydro is the primary electric provider in British Columbia, Canada, with more than 18,000 km of transmission lines, 260 substations, 41 dam sites and 30 hydro facilities spread across an area of nearly one million square kilometers. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC Hydro has a large and diverse service area consisting of dense urban, suburban, rural and extremely remote areas, each with their own unique set of operational challenges.