Download this case study to learn about how AusNet Services achieves regulatory compliance and improves consumer energy performance with Bit Stew’s MIx Product Portfolio.

The Challenge:
Modernizing a Legacy Energy Grid to Meet Regulatory Smart Grid Standards

“By leveraging Bit Stew’s technology, we’re able to help our utilities customers quickly unify and interpret complex data feeds from smart metering and grid operations, proactively forecast asset performance and lifespan and provide predictive servicing of critical expensive assets.”
- Matt Nidd, Systems Integration Lead, AusNet Services at DB Results.

About AusNet Services

AusNet Services is Victoria's largest energy delivery service business, owning and operating approximately $11 billion of electricity and gas distribution assets that connect into more than 1.3 million Victorian homes and businesses. Based in Melbourne, AusNet Services employs more than 2,600 people in regional and metropolitan Victoria.