Hardware manufacturers are doing their part to solve the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) operations and analytics problem with distributed compute platforms. For example, Intel has released an Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway, which is an open architecture, purpose-built platform to enable edge business values for industrial customers. However, the edge device itself is just the beginning of the story.

Applications running on these edge devices complete the picture to fully unlock the business cases of IIoT at the edge – decrease equipment downtime with advanced condition-based and preventative maintenance schemes; optimize cell/region/ sector performance; discover key relationships between process attributes and product quality to reduce defects and rework/ scrap, and so many more. These applications include management, analytics, security, and others.

As Gartner reports, over 80% of project costs are spent on data integration. At the edge, this problem is further compounded by vendor diversity, protocol diversity including proprietary protocols, sub-second data-points, and a vast range of data quality concerns.

Download this case study to learn how Intel and Bit Stew are solving the data integration challenge at the edge.